Wednesday, October 07, 2015


I would like to share the thought process of making students speak and write in English. Before making them learn a foreign language named English, we should firstly tell the students the need and therefore importance of this language, which I shall share in a moment. Firstly we should tell to every student that, as they are already aware of Punjabi/ Hindi languages by the medium of communication at home, surroundings, in school and other places, this is the right time for them to learn this foreign language called English.

English is the 3rd highest spoken language in the world. Chinese (Mandarin) being the first and Spanish being the second. In the Indian scenario, English is used as the major medium of education in the higher studies, which thereby support the reason of learning English right from Primary/ Pre-Primary level. It is a gradual process and evolves lot of patience and time to learn something which does not belong to us.

I request my fellow staff members to inculcate the feeling of respect for Mother tongue (Punjabi/ Hindi or any), but the need and importance of learning English.
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